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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 13, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on thursday at 5:00. thanks for starting your day us with. >> we are seeing the spring-like temperatures, beautiful afternoon yesterday in the south bay. >> we will see if it will be like that today. mike nicco? >> good morning, the south bay did not have so man issues as the rest of us. it is quiet there now. san jose has a light breeze at three miles per hour and oakland has three miles per hour, and sfo and northeast to northwest at five miles per hour and six at santa rosa. an easier morning to get around because of the lack of the wind. we will talk about temperatures this afternoon. they will be close to yesterday. total sunshine is low-to-mid 70's around the bay and upper 60's to mid-70's from san
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francisco to the rest of the bay and mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. >> we have problems in san francisco and we have this issue in san jose everyone, good morning. as we look at what is happening on i would we trying to get to the southbound 101 connection we have a car that hit a poll and the poll was knocked down with exposed wires so we will see some pg&e crews to make repairs. we are seeing a little bit of slowing away from the nimitz and it clears south of there as you make it closer to the 680 split. >> it is quite empty so nice traffic as you funnel in from the maze to san francisco and the richmond and san rafael bridge shows bridges to the toll plaza beyond the hoffman split and it is not a problem interest -- into berkeley at only 13
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minutes. >> if san francisco there was a shooting in the outer mission. one person was taken away on ambulance. he is a man in his 30's who was shot in the leg two hours ago. the area is shut down in both directions. that could pose a problem because this area is a major artery in the city. shooter is not in custody yet. a search is underway. we are gathering more details and will bring you more information. >> firefighters are put out hotspots that are flaring up as a massive apartments complex gutted in the raging fire on tuesday. demolition has begun but the process will take a while. our news reporter is at the scene with the latest. speaking of that, there is supposed to be a meeting for authorities to figure out what they are going to do with everything that is left, all of this debris the "san francisco
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chronicle" reports some of the metal can be sold for scrap but nothing else from the fire is selvageable. the fire is still smoldering in the heart of what is last of the building. the fire revealed as crews tore down the wall forcing them in on themselves. investigators everyone never able to go inside. it has been too dangerous. they took pictures from the ladder trucks. a possible cause being investigated is that welding work being done before the fire started may have been the cause. we are trying to pinpoint the area where the fire started and they looked for evidence in that area and talking to witnesses and they will put the puzzle together. this video shows the extent of the damage and how large the building is in the heart of it there nothing left but the exterior wonderful. also, an aerial view of the massive machinery that is
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bringing down the walls. watering is dripping off of the building but crews are not pouring water on to the fire for more than a day. i talked with the chef and said they are only putting water on it when they are seeing smoke. and they have seen smoke this morning. officials say insurance is expected to cover the cost rebuilding the development including lost rest now. the 172 apartments that were new and were slated to be completed by the end of the year, a year's worth of construction work was destroyed. according to the san francisco conceal the rebuilding could take two years and the developer says it could take 30 months including six months to demolish the burned building and another 24 months of construction. >> what of all the firefighters in san francisco responded to the fire. the first crews were surprised to see how intense the flames
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were. >> i hoped it would not be a big monster that it turned out to be. >> it was intensely hot and the films came out of all of the windows. block smoke was pouring out. >> it was enough for me to turn my head to have my helmet shield me from the heat. >> two firefighters were injured. >> some residents have moved back interest their permits but some who lived cross the fire are having to stay elsewhere. a woman came home to grab more belongings and shot this video. a bicycle tire melted in the heat and windows were cracked. most of the damage was in the halloween the crews came through with some doors have giant holes that were open by the firefighters with axes.
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>> three more bodies have been found in new york city after the explosion that flattened two apartment building in harlem bringing the death toll to search as the search continues if more victims. a full day after the explosion and the accept for clouds and the missing goes on. it is a tough, icy battle against rain and plunging temperatures, heavy quipment is welcome now moving bricks that witness made two buildings. >> the theory is they were ripped apart by natural gas that was building up and then exploded. there is an old cast iron pipeline that supplied the gas. several families smelled gas the might before and when it was worse in the morning, con-ed was called at 9:13 but when the repair teams reached the scene the buildings were gone.
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>> we will look at the call log to see end the first calls started coming in. that will be part of our investigation. >> a man lived behind the piano store on the ground floor of one building and about to start work when the store blew apart. the pianos credited a cocoon that saved him. oakland's seven month search for a prime minister police chief is on hold. the city considered hiring the international association of chiefs of police to get candidates but the virginia-businesses organization does not over benefits for participates of gay employees. this is the second group the city sought to find a new chief. the original recruiter quit after claiming enter --
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interference from the mayor. >> tourists to alcatraz were could not land and if you bought tickets yesterday, you can get a refund or book for another day. >> what a difference a day makes, today is the day to book the trip to alcatraz. >> much better, yes? the bay will not be so choppy as yesterday. look at visibility. unlimited. no haze. but half moon bay is where we see live doppler 7 hd. from the roof camera, you can see the flags on the ferry building are moving but not being whipped around. our day planner, the next 12 hours, 40 inlend to 56 in san francisco and quite a spread. we are in the mid-to-upper 60's
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at noon and very comfortable conditions to be outside at the time and at 4:00 we will be around 62 to 74 so above average and by 7:00 we are 58 to 64 so a nice evening with outdoor activity to finish before the sun will set at 7:15. a now high clouds tone and tomorrow with a run at record highs on saturday and sunday and our beaches, low-to-mid 70's. if you staying home low-to-mid 80's. hope you have a good one. >> it is nice not to have the white knuckle drive to work the we have calm conditions as far as our roads are concerned and in major accidents. we have a buildup of congestion and over to the altamont pass, tracy to dublin, 205 at 580 is only 35 miles per hour and traffic is bunching. it things out over the over pass and into livermore and things empty out and then you have top
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speeds as you continue to the dublin interchange so it is clear. this is how long it will take you, tracy to dublin, 28 minutes along highway 4 and antioch to-core, 14 minutes and from san rafael to san francisco at 17 minutes. in san jose, along 101, traffic is wide open. southbound the key on-ramp could be shut down because of a car that hit a poll. we have pg&e crews that need to make some repairs. matt and kristen? >> a popular diet shake company could be in serious legal trouble. >> bay area city that is saying "no" to another starbucks. >> pope francis celebrates a year as leader of the catholic church in a simple. way. >> a supreme court justice steps into a fight between a south bay city and the national rifle
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covering cupertino, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. you can see the bay bridge there, and less wind. mike nicco will tells how much we will warm up in the forecast. >> people living in a south berkeley neighborhood celebrate after pursuading the city council to say "no" to another starbucks. a coffee shop was to go up on
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telegraph but the city zoning board approved the application a year ago but that changed. the city council denied the permit on tuesday after dozens of local residents complained of the lacking of parking and it would officer traffic. >> sunnyvale can move forward banning high capacity gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds. security justice kennedy denied an emergency request by the n.r.a. to block enforcement of the measure. they said the second amendment was violating. 67 percent of voters approve the ban in november. >> today, the first in a series of public workshops is held to get ideas from ferry riders of improving parking. san francisco bay area and the city of alameda want to improve action set to the ferry
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terminals. there has been a surge in ridership which resulting in a short average of car parking and space on ferries. >> another meeting is held next thursday. wall street bonuses signal a return to better economic times and the ftc is investigating a diet shake company. here is america's money. topping america's money it is a good time to work on wall street with bonuses in financial services raising 15 percent to an average of $164,000 the most since the financial crisis and third highest ever. >> company behind candy crush expects to be worth $8 million when it goes public averaging 97 million users lost month. the government is investigating herbal life, a hedge fund manager is charged with making the money by recruiting new sales people rather than selling
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products. >> the hit of the south by southwest festival a vending machine allows visitors to credit custom areas using 3-d technology and the cookies are ready in two minutes. make it a great day. >> catholics are making the first anniversary of the election of pope francis as the leader of their faith asking catholics to send prayers and cigarettings through social media using #thank you person and is at the retreat of the popes. he has proven popular with simple living and compassion. >> now a check with mike nicco and the weather forecast. it is locking nice and spring like. >> spring like so a lot of pollen so that could be why you
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are sneezing. great to be outside with the winds not so rough and ferry rides this morning are calmer and we are looking at a clear live doppler 7 hd, no moisture, no clouds, we will talk temperatures and start in the north bay and senator ralph at 54 and bodega bay at 56 and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 40's but novato at 48 and american condition beyond at 47 and calistoga and napa at 45 and mill valley at 46 and petaluma is 40 and santa rosa is 45 and guerneville is 40. we are 50 in el sobrante and lafayette and san ramon are the cooler spots at 46 and at brentwood starting off at 54 and same in redwood city. san francisco financial district, the camera is still. we are going it is sun and warm temperatures without the winds of yesterday. and record highs this welcome,
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we will try and it will be cooler next week with a small chance of light rain tuesday into wednesday. shoulds may gather along the coast today and that will keep you in the mid-to-upper 60's in to san francisco and low-to-mid 70's for the rest of our neighbors. as far as tonight, the clouds will try to wander across san francisco to the east bay and we will have clouds along the coast and 49 at half moon bay in richmond and 47 in san mateo, san jose, antioch, san rafael and 51 if san francisco are the warm spots. everyone else is not low-to-mid 50's. low treasure brought us the tight pressure gradient and the low has eveningened and is moving away from us allowing the door for high pressure. we could get a high cloud tonight other the weakening blow is shear. it will bring us above-average
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temperatures. we will look at that forecast. tomorrow, the same as today and maybe a degree or two cooler as the offshore wind will subside but it runs with a springence on saturday and sunday bringing 70's to the coast and 80's for the rest of us and the breeze makes st. patrick's cooler but, still, nice, for whatever green things you are drinking and tuesday and wednesday temperatures are closer to average with slight chance of rain. >> feeling lucky? >> a little. the luck of the irish is not here yet but it is with mass transit. 41 bart trains are on time. ace trains one and three, no delays. muni is on time, too. a picture of the bay area, lots of grown and we do not have congestion and still early and not quite 5:20. we have a problem in san francisco so if did you know you need to take 280, 4th street is still shut down because of
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the four a couple of days ago. to the south on outer mission this is shut down and there is a police investigation of a shooting. the intersection is shut down until further notice but not causing delays on to 80. that is the good news. this is the drive through the bay bridge toll plaza and it is empty so maybe it is friday eve lite. we hope. thank you, leyla gulen, seven things to know use start today. >> small addition to a european zoo that has zooologist really, really, really excited. >> the reign of the controversial jeopardy champion comes to an
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day. i'm john muller. this is mike. his long race day starts with back pain...
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...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" whether you are just joining us or head out the door here are seven things to know: firefighters are it will pouring water on hotspots in the mission bay neighborhood after a massive five-alarm fire on tuesday. crews uncovered areaing still burning yesterday. katie marzullo will have a report from the scene in a few minutes. >> two, breaking news in san francisco: the search is underway for a shooting suspect in the out are mission. he opened fire on a man this morning. the victim was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. the intersection is shut down in both directions. >> new york city the death toll jumped to seven overnight after a gas explosion flattened two
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apartment buildings in new york city. three more bodies were found in the rubble overnight and 60 people were injured in the blast. >> two people are dead after suspected drunken driver plowed into a crowd of people at the south by southwest festival in austin, next this is video from the seen, investigators say the driver was running from police when the car hit the man and woman. 23 others were injured. >> oakland's seven month search for a police chief is on hold. the city was considering hiring a virginia listen -- virginia-based organization to help hire a new chief but they do not offer benefits for the partners of gay employees. >> winds are more manageable this morning with a run at record highs this welcome in the seven-day forecast. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is indicative of the rest of the bay area, quiet
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and accident flow but if you are coming from the peninsula side where we have a shut down of 4th between channel and mission bay boulevard because of the massive fire in san francisco. happening today in washington, dc, lawmakers will tackle the rising number of severe head injuries in professional and youth sports, from soccer to football. a sport safety congressional hearing is held in the house to talk about how to prevent the rise in head-related trauma. the nfl is sending a top executive to answer questions. the commissioner of the nhl will also attend the hearing and several medical experts. >> the london zoo is hope to three adorable new baby tigers: a five-year-old tiger has given birth to three cubs after pregnancy lasting 106 days. the mother and triplets are in a specialen closure at zoo. the sex is not known. the entire process was monitored
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using remote camera technology. the sumatra tigers rare. one has been nicknamed "trouble" because it ways up the other two >> the reign of arthur chu has closed. >> you wrote down who was george ii? no, no, it will cost you $6,400. dropping you to zero. >> he won for 11 consecutive episodes racking up $300,000! many fans despised him for the unorthodox style of play jumping around rather than sticking with a category. he said he studied game theory to increase the odds of winning. this is not the last time you will see arthur, he will be back for the tournament of champions. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the news stories including what a just-released report is revealing about an
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east bay hospital in a case involving a brain dead oakland girl. >> and a san jose police officer has been accused of rape and sources close to the investigation are revealing a key piece of
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♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us on thursday, i am matt keller here for eric thomas. >> it promises to be better than wednesday. >> high pressure took control of the weather. look at calm conditions. the concord, livermore, hayward, novato and everyone else is at three miles per hour in san jose, and five at oakland, and six at santa rosa and nine in forward so it is easier to get
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around and quieter. emeryville, the bay bridge, over to san francisco, it is clear this morning. total sunshine by the afternoon. almost as warm as yesterday. low-to-mid 70's inland and upper 60's to mid-70's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. a few issues this morning with traffic. this is southbound long 101 in the key on-ramp, the car that hit a power poll and it is gone, the rest san jose you can see it is clear on 101 to 80 and highway 85 into cupertino. as we continue to the for the loan the peninsula they are at top speeds along 101 headed into redwood city and woodside and it is clear at 65 miles per hour on 280 and the san mateo bridge and dumbarton, all is fine, just a slow down in the westbound direction along the dumbarton as you maybe it over to east palo alto. a look from emeryville camera to the bay bridge, early construction has cheered -- has
5:31 am
cleared but everything is moving. if friend, police are at the scene of a shooting in the outer mission with one person taken an by ambulance a man in his 30's shot in the leg two hours ago. right now, the intersection is shut down in both directions. you can see the believes taking up the haynes. the shooter is not in custody. a search is underway. our breaking news continues on twitter. >> 36 hours after it broke out firefighters are still putting water on the burned out remains of the high-rise that caught fire in mission bay. demolition is also underway. katie marzullo is at the site with what is happening. katy -- katie? >> four more stories according
5:32 am
to the chief. you can see a firefighter at the top of one of a couple of ladders still up this morning, not currently spraying water but ready to do so, should anything flare-up. the chief says that he doesn't believe this is much fire left inside. last night was a different story with flareups, stillment spots and you can see the smokeize from what is left of the building and we caught some video of flames milkerring in -- flickering in the windows. the fire came to light during the tear down process which has stepped overnight and that is why crews are waiting and watching. >> right now we have been standing by and when anything flares up we have water ready to go. if we need to, we can turn on the water. >> there are 12 firefighters on scene.
5:33 am
demolition will resume after the such comes up this morning when it is safe to do so. we understand that there going to be a meeting that officials are going to get together and talk about what they are going to do with what is left of the building. all the debris and twisted metal and steel you see here, all of it is going to come down. all of it needs to go somewhere. look at this: how hot the fire was on tuesday evening, at abc7 news, the frommer found this ladder truck at the scene damaged from the extreme heat. you can see the siren lights and the side the truck melted and warped. many residents would live near the file are back home if their apartments but local residents whose programs were across from the fire are having to stay someplace else. this video was shot by a woman who came home to grab more of her belongings. a bicycle tires melted in the heat and windows were cracked.
5:34 am
she said most of the damage she saw was in the hallways where crews came through. other residents saw similar damage. >> a lot of glass and a lot of water and elevators are closed, stare access, all of the above. closed. >> you can see pore broken windows and damage to the outside of the apartment building. we continue to follow this story on air and online with reporting continues on twitter and abc7 news. >> san francisco police are investigating an overfight shooting in the bayview district that happened before 11:00. the victim was found suffering from several gunshot wounds and rushed to san francisco general hospital with this word on his condition. police say no suspects are in custody right now and investigators are still looking into the circumstances. in texas, authorities say two people were killed after a suspected drunken driver crashed into a crowd at the south by southwest festival.
5:35 am
this is amateur video from the scene in austin. the driver was running from police and hit the man and. would on a moped. 23 others were injured, five critically at 12:30 a.m. local time. his say the suspect hit a cab before jumping from the car and trying to run. the officers use add stun gun. this is a ten day music film and tech festival the largest of its kind held in parch. >> if new york city, two more bodies were found, make that three more bodies, now, in the rubble from an explosion that flattened two apartment buildings in harlem. the death toll now is at seven as the search continues for the missing. a sink hole opened up near the rubble and the seven was halted. the blast injured 60 others triggered by a nasa leak. new details of physical evidence in the case of a san jose police
5:36 am
officer accused of rain. d.n.a. of the female victim was found on the vest of the officer graves. sources say that gives credibility to the allegation. he is accused of attacking the woman at a hotel after she had a fight with her husband she did not come forward for three westbound because she in the country illegally and was afraid. he. appear in court this month. >> a teen is recovering after being hit by a car if san francisco. it happened last night when the boy was in the crosswalk and he was hit. the driver stopped, officers cited him for failing to yield to a pedestrian. the boy's injuries are not life threatening, the third person hit by a car this week in san francisco. >> through details in the medical battle over the fill declared brain dead by children's hospital in oakland. was in fault found in the way the hospital handled her case.
5:37 am
the probe found the hospital come employed with medical standards. , dos declare her brain dead after tonsil surgery. the family fought to keep her on a ventilator and feeding tube. she was moved after a court battle to an undisclosed location. >> a lawyer involve in a shooting confrontation with san francisco police say the wounded officer was shot by his own partner not the client. the 50-year-old jeffrey ruano appeared in court charged with assault for try to ram two officers with the car. he was not charged in shooting because police never found a bun and cannot fine the bullet that hit the officer. "san francisco chronicle" reports that ruano was on felony probation for drug dealing and led police on a chase through the peninsula and arrested in san jose. ruano did not enter a plea at the hearing. >> the air traffic controller at sfo did not see a landing patton like that in a long time.
5:38 am
>> we had an airport warning until 11:00 but it was bumpy through the afternoon. we set a record across the bay at oakland airport at 78 degrees and the old record was 76 from 2007 and monterey was 78 and that tied a record from the same year. as far as this morning, we are starting off cooler with temperatures in the 40's and 50's and calmer, and ramp up to the mid-to-upper 60's and warm, maybe not so warm as yesterday, but 78 at the bay and inland and nice evening full sunshine by the time the sun will set at 6:15. 58 at the coast, and low-to-mid 60's and pleasant for outdoor activities. moving forward tomorrow, the offshore flow, blows a little bit and we are one to would degrees cooler today and it comes back with warm county at the coast and home 70's and
5:39 am
low-to-mid 80's so the reports are possible especially saturday. as we take live pictures if san francisco's out are mission stick you can see the san francisco police department is stationed here at the intersection where a shooting took place early this morning after 3:00. one person was shot and taken to a local hospital and the intersection will be shut down. it does not appear to be affecting in or out of daly city. >> right now we talking about our drive in the east bay where we have a problem, a stalled vehicle westbound 80 at san pablo dam road and there is slowing eastbound road and at the hoffman split it is moving fine, westbound 80 only 17
5:40 am
minutes from highway four to the macarthur maze. we are starting to see loading up of traffic westbound but as you continue to san francisco it is not going to be a problem this morning. kristen and matt? >> a new twist in the search for missing malaysia airlines passenger jet and what new evidence is revealing of how long it could have been in the air after disappearing from radar. >> the top new rules child care provideers could be forced to follow to recollect your children. >> a top republican facing a campaign shakeup in the race for governor.
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one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. for example, if you're a single person making less than $46,000 a year, or a family of four, earning up to $94,200, you may be eligible for premium assistance.
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the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. get answers, and get covered. find out if you're eligible and enroll now. at los gatos and petaluma and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> new details surrounding the malaysia airlines jetliner, with horses denying reports that the jet transmitted technical data hours after losing contract with ground control. the maker of the engines received data transmissions according to "wall street journal" hours after contact was host but the head of the malaysia airlines said the lost data received from malaysia airlines flight mh370 less less
5:44 am
than half hour of take off indicated no trouble. the airline has retired the flight number out respect for those on the flight. sunday is two hours since sierra lamar disappear on the way to a bus stop at age 15 in morgan hill. a ceremony is held in fremont on sunday norm. she attended the high school before moving to morgan hill last month, the accused murderer entered a not guilty plea and championed although the body has not been found. investigators say the d.n.a. was found on clothing belonging to lamar buried near the spot where she was last seen. >> a final vote is expected in the senate today on a bill that requires child care providers who get federal support to under go background checks. 500,000 centers get federal subsidies to care for an estimated 1.5 million children and requires them to under go tighter screening and meet a range of safety standards including first aid, c.p.r. and
5:45 am
prevention of child abuse. if approved, measure goes to the house. no timetable for house of representatives action is set. >> a judge in new jersey ruled a woman giving birth can keep the expected dad out of the delivery room if she wanted. the case involved unmarried parents that were estranged. the woman's right to privacy allows her to shut out the father. the dad said he didn't want to miss the moments and the judge said the mother is not required to tell the father she going into labor with "good morning america" bring more on the story this morning. >> when fleet week returns to san francisco, a rare on could come, a story you will see only on use pavement the newest warships, the uss america could officially join the fleet during a waterfront ceremony. this is video of the ship that just finished the first round of sea trials. retire asked decorates real admiral is leading the tonight bring the ceremony to san
5:46 am
francisco this fall. >> san francisco is a very patriotic city and has been patriotic back before world war ii. admiral brown says he is 99 percent sure commissiononing ceremony will happen here. to make a contribution go to abc7 . >> mike nicco is excited. >> you would be excited if it was during fleet week. it is nice. >> were you in the room? >> i was. >> did you get a lot abuse? >> no, she was great. >> even if she wasn't, i wouldn't say it on tv. i would be in a lot more trouble. >> you have been marry add while. >> good morning, everyone. mine was an angel. 5:47 is what we coming up on, radar satellite absolutely no moisture out there and the dry
5:47 am
air has taken away any chance of rain and fog but slow clouds are possible as we head to the afternoon hours. 41 in wood side and palo alto is 42 and menlo park is 54 and poster city is 45 and san mateo is 49 and san bruno at 54 degrees right now. 46 in los gatos and fremont and oakland at 49 and san ramon is 42 and concord is 4 and napa and fair at 47 and half moon bay at 48. it is cooler this morning. up to 14 degrees cooler if santa rosa and novato and 13 in napa and twelve in livermore and ten in san jose, and six in san francisco. you want to grab a heavier coat this morning. i wanted to show you the roof camera to show you the ferry building and the flags are blowing around but it is not like it was yesterday. we will have sunshine, warmer-than-average temperatures without the wind, and at records
5:48 am
especially saturday and open sunday before cooling weather rolls in next week starting on st. patrick's day and a chance of rain tuesday into wednesday. it is a small chance and it is light rain. mid-to-upper 60's along the coast into san francisco and low-to-mid 70's but you can see clouds gathering along the cost this afternoon as the offshore blow is weaker than yesterday. some of the clouds could spill into the gay tonight. inland we are in the home 40's and the rest us in the mid-40's and 50 in san francisco. area of low pressure is moving away. that is the pressure difference between the low and the high and now it is just the high pressure dominating our weather and we are having weakening offshore flow but, still, offshore flow. we are still going to be above average today and tomorrow and the offshore flow re-develops but it will not be too windy saturday and sunday and temperatures are in the low-to-mid 70's at the coast and low-to-mid 80's elsewhere and 5-
5:49 am
to 10-degrees cooler by the time we debt from monday to tuesday and best chance of light rain is on wednesday. >> quiet. not seeing any accidents. not reported at the moment. mass transit is all run on time and 44 bart trains with no delays and ace trains one and these are on time and all buses all running smoothly. we have a led up of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza and treasure island loosens up over the altamont pass, pretty busy but as we go into san francisco we still have a closure and we will be there until further notice and 4th street because of a massive fire, still >> a slow down from hercules to san pablo but it is slow and go into richmond.
5:50 am
this is the drive from walnut creek southbound 680 away from highway 4 to the 24 junction an acknowledge of 12 minutes. a florida skydiver survived a dangerous landing. the first thing he did was he bought a lottery ticket. the 28-year-old was caught in power lines in florida yesterday and he saw sparks and freak out. high winds pushed him off course and into the power lines. he got out of the gear and drops a few feet to solid ground. you won the lottery by surviving. you will have terrible luck in the lottery. >> cannot happen twice. >> think you are getting a deal with amazon prime? the company is being accused of cheating. >> new at 6:00, stopping prescription painkiller abuse before it happens.
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>> we want to take you to our breaking news in san francisco, you and see police on the scene of a shooting in the outer mission. right now the intersection is shut down in both directions as the investigation continues. one person was taken away on ambulance. he is a map in his 30's shot in the leg. this happened three hours ago. the gunman is not in custody yet. it is an active scene. the search is underway there. our breaking news continues on
5:54 am
twitter. >> tonight, 49ers player is honored at the bark and wine ball that benefits san francisco's spca. the quaterback will be presented with the "champion of compassion," with a foundation that promotes animal welfare and inner city youth and pays for medical care for set veer -- severely injured and sick homeless animals. a nice day to get out there and do whatever sporting activity you enjoy. >> from the east bay hills this morning, you can see how calm it is compared for the 59-miles-per-hour gusts we had yesterday and the 49-miles-per-hour gusts during our morning commute. san mateo will be one degree warmer today at 72 but the trend for most of us is a little bit cooler from one to five degrees
5:55 am
from san rafael and antioch and oakland and san jose and san francisco. here is high surf, rough surf, the mid-to-upper 70 through the central valley, and 55 in lake tahoe and rain around san diego at 63 degrees. safe travels. >> over the altamont pass, the traffic is busy and you can see they are at 33 miles per hour over the pass and at vasco it loosens up at the dublin interchange, and the rest of the drive through castro valley is wide open. the nimitz is top speed and 680 not too bad. 14 miles per hour at buchanan on 84 headed in the southbound direction. this is owe long it will take you, tracy to castro valley, along 580 westbound, 101 through san jose is clear, and through
5:56 am
daly city, not too bad but police activity is going to be coming from daly city to the out are mission but it should not be a worry for the 280 drive. a study is unveiled in san francisco today showing heart problems in women could be strongly linked to emotions. researchers at the heart institute say for women, the strong emotion of anger could trigger smaller artery branches to tighten and prevent oxygen flow. this is different from men's chest pain which is trigger by blockage of large arteries. the study is presented at at the meeting in america. >> amazon is accused false amazon provides free shipping on man items. but a woman says the veteran dos
5:57 am
-- vendors are increasing prices and amazon is encouraging the practice. the attorney says the bottom line is the free shipping that amazon office to the prime members wasn't free. amazon is not commenting. >> morning news continues at five o'clock with the new stories. >> a gun may have cost a top california republican trying to become governor and his campaign manager. >> a tall problem in the biggest little city, the meter mistake that has a company scrambling. >> "7 on your side" puts roof touch ups to the color test. which best at keeping out the
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. developing now at 6:00, demolition is underway at the san francisco construction site destroyed by fire.
6:00 am
we are live with the progress and what is happening. >> a driver plowed through a crowd of people at the texas festival bringing together the biggest name in music, art, and technical. >> the heartache is growing after several new victims were discovered overnight following a building collapse in new york city. >> it is 6:00. thanks for joining us on thursday. i am kristen sze. >> windy morning yesterday, today, totally different story. >> it was just 24 hours earlier. what is going on? >> it is calm in here. calm in novato, hair, livermore, san jose, sap car -- san carlo, at three to five minute wind in mountain view, oakland, and concord at six and fairfield at five and santa rosa at eight. that is as fast as it gets.


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